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March 03,2020

Recycling has become commonplace in homes across the country. Armed with our colour-coordinated bins we are well-practised in the art of foods and packing waste – so why hasn’t our wardrobe caught on?

WRAP UK estimates that an incredible £140 million worth of clothing goes to landfill each year (CREDIT: http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/clothing-waste-prevention). You might be one of the many that pack up their unloved clothes and take them to a local charity, but what about the stained and shabby stuff? Your charity shop might not want your damaged goods, but that shouldn’t mean they’re destined for landfill.

This month we have launched our partnership with ReGAIN, a new free app which helps consumers turn their unwanted clothes into discounts for their favourite shops – making it easier than ever to recycle your old or unwanted clothes. Donate via the ReGAIN app and you’ll earn 20% off your next order (terms apply).

How does it work?

  1. Download the free ReGAIN app.
  2. Find your nearest drop off point (there are over 20,000 across the UK!)
  3. Pick and ship your old clothes, shoes and accessories to ReGAIN free of charge, including new, used and faulty items. (Does not include – Cosmetics, Bedding and towels, Household appliances, books, toys, umbrellas or curtains).
  4. Once shipped you’ll receive your exclusive discount to your favourite stores.


In order to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum, ReGAIN only accept one drop per week per customer, with a minimum of 10 items in each shipment. Once they receive your unwanted clothes they are both reused and reworn where possible, alternatively they can be recycled, upcycled or used as combustibles for energy production!

Let’s face it, we aren’t going to stop shopping any time soon. Fast fashion is a complex issue, and for those making the switch to a more sustainable wardrobe can’t just dump their existing styles in one big drop. But the ReGAIN app can help with the transition.

At Monkee Genes sustainability has always been a top priority but we recognise that these efforts shouldn’t stop once the product is shipped. We (and other brands) need to encourage consumers to be more conscious of their clothing, how they care for their clothes and inevitably how they dispose of them. We hope that by supporting ReGAIN will be a step closer to a circular economy in fashion.

Moving towards a Circular Fashion Industry

The current linear system does not work, and is not sustainable. We believe the future of fashion is circular, and for us it’s important to take step towards this now and for this to be successful we need to work together. But what does this all mean?

ReGain Recycle Clothes Monkee Genes Organic Jeans

In short, a circular economic system aims to minimise waste and make the most of resources, challenging the current linear system where clothes are discarded, destined for a lifetime in landfill sites.

Circular fashion is clothing that is designed, sourced and produced with every intention to be used and circulated responsibly for as long as possible, once it is no longer useable it is then returned to the earth. With the introduction of initiatives such as ReGAIN, consumers are incentivised into playing their part in the system, donating their unwanted clothes to be resold, reused and upcycled or used as combustibles for energy production.

Turn your unwanted clothing into discounts and help us divert your unloved clothing from landfill today and head to www.regain-app.com

How Do I Get a Coupon?

Three Easy Steps

1. Pack all your
unwanted items
2. Send your parcel
at the drop off point
3. Get access to
discount coupons