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March 03,2020


London College of Fashion alumna and sustainable fashion designer Olivia Hooper sharing her experience of committing to sustainable fashion


Early last year we’ve been contacted by a fashion design student who was working on her final college assignment - apparel collection based around re-purposing existing unconventional and unwanted products:

- I recently came across Yellow Octopus […] I believe we share the same ethos of attempting to make an impact on the fashion industry through recycling apparel sustainably. Do you provide any sponsorships or have any spare materials that I could use for this collection? – she asked.

We found the idea absolutely amazing and decided to get involved without a second's hesitation.

Today Olive is sharing her experience on CYFR.WORLD collection partially made of unwanted items collected with reGAIN app:

“An explorative and conceptual take on streetwear, CYFR.WORLD is an experimental lifestyle label that takes all queues from music.

The label focuses on exploring the process of deconstruction, reconstruction and the exploration of materials to extend the lifespan of pre-existing products; re-purposing unconventional materials into street-luxe steez.

The label uses each collection to collaborate with an up-and-coming artist within the music industry, forming a unique selling point. I feel that sustainable fashion design is for a selected audience, but when combining this with CYFR.WORLD’s ethos the audience expands. 

The collections are made of pieces I’d describe as elevated casual wear, clothes you can’t buy on the high street. Exclusive clothing that is influenced by your favourite music artist. And as a side note, they’re also sustainable through up-cycling or using materials that aren’t harmful to the environment. By committing to using discarded materials for the label, CYFR.WORLD must ensure that partnerships are built to allow a constant wealth of materials. 

Personally, I believe that sustainability is an act of service and not one that needs to be shouted about. 

‘I think as a designer you have an obligation to consider what you are doing and why; ultimately, we want to make strong, sustainable choices that provide our customers with a completely unique and desirable product’ - Christopher Raeburn.

Yellow Octopus has been extremely helpful in providing material for CYFR.WORLD. I have now collected a wealth of material that will allow me to widen the types of pieces I can create for both exclusive and bulk pieces. The process of building this relationship has been seamless, from emails to phone calls and visits, it has been a comfortable and easy transition - especially now that I am a registered business looking for higher quantities of one type of clothing rather than when I was a student looking for multiple fabric types.”

Dear Olive, we at reGAIN app wish you great achievements in your future sustainable projects and hope to further support you in creation of circular fashion!




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