Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept: dresses, skirts, underwear, t-shirts, trousers, suits, shirts, polo, pants, hoodies, jackets, baby clothing, handbags, scarves & hats, shoes, belts. If you can’t find item, please ask us:

We don’t accept: Cosmetics, Electricals, Beddings and Towels, Annoying relatives. If you’re not sure, please ask us:

Every parcel you send via DPD or Royal Mail must have printed DPD/Royal Mail parcel shipping label.

To limit the carbon footprint we only accept a minimum of 10 items per shipment. This can include a mix of clothing, handbags and shoes.

Yes. The maximum weight per box is 18KG and must be no bigger than 61cm x 44cm x 37cm.

Please download the app and check the list of currently available discounts. We have new deals for reGAIN app users available all the time.

Please download the app to see our constantly growing list of retailers who reward recycling and are part of the reGAIN app scheme.

Please contact our support team who are here to help. They will resolve the issue as quickly as they can.

The app will show the address of our distribution centre. Remember shipping is FREE!

No. Staying green is our ethos and we’re big fans of recycling. Whenever possible please use your old cardboard boxes or plastic bags from previous online shopping. By doing so you recycle both clothing and packaging at the same time.

Yes. Totally free! You just need to drop off your box or securely packed bag and enjoy shopping for less.

Log in to the reGAIN app. Our technology which is the same as UBER will automatically show you your nearest drop off points, just pick the most convenient for you. You can walk, drive or fly to your nearest point. Just please don’t forget your box.

Some clothes will be reused. Others will be recycled for other materials. Some will be recycled into fibres to use in manufacturing new clothing. We are strong believers in sustainable economy and we think closing the loop in the clothing supply chain is the way forward for the whole clothing industry.

No. We specialise in recycling clothing, footwear and handbags only.


Yes. You have 10 days to redeem your discount coupons.

No. A single discount coupon is dedicated to one retailer.

Yes of course you can. It is entirely up to you.

Each retailer has a different policy so you will have to check with the retailer of your choice.

Pretty much instantly. We operate in real time. As soon as you leave your box or bag at a drop off point please allow up to 30 mins for your discount coupon to unlock. You can shop for less straight away!

Subject to retailers policy. Some of them are both online & in-store. Some are online only.

Please provide your discount coupon code at the checkout.

Yes, mix away! Let us take care of all your embarrassing, old fashion mistakes!

Yes. But only in well secured plastic bags please. Think about using plastic bags you received from online retailers. That’s how it should be packed. So pack it well, ship it and enjoy shopping for less.

No. Unfortunately we can only accept boxes at the drop off points. Collecting from individual houses is not very environmentally friendly and we like the environment.


Yes. You can print the delivery address directly from your mobile or have it emailed to yourself and print it from your computer.

Yes, absolutely!

Our app is compatible with all current smart phones. Unfortunately as much as we love a NOKIA 3110 our app will not support this piece of art.

We are working on going global. At the moment reGAIN app is available in the UK only

Drop us an email via the GET IN TOUCH button in the app or you can rate us both on Google Play and the Apple App Store. We’d love to hear what you think. Be nice please. We’re helping the world here.


The app will show the address of our distribution centre. Remember shipping is FREE!

Only your name and email address are needed and you are then free to save the planet with us!


Do you have any questions on how to recycle clothes? Then ask, and we will answer. Our website and app have a comprehensive FAQ page. This provides answers to the most common questions pertaining to all aspects of our app and procedures, from privacy concerns to how quickly do I get my discount code. You may have questions that aren’t in that section. If so, then good, contact us because we want to hear them. We might not have thought about all the questions, but we know all the answers. If in doubt, just email us and we will respond at the first available opportunity. The reGAIN app is so simple to use and the instructions are so easy, we don’t expect many queries but we are there for you when you need us. The reGAIN app helps you recycle clothes and we are there to help you to do it properly and make the experience as pleasurable as possible. Actually, one of the most common questions is; “Do you have a cat?” The answer to that is, yes, all our staff members have cats. And dogs. We are ecologically orientated and we all have pets. Use reGAIN to recycle clothes.