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Clean, green and must be seen - here's the latest in sustainable style.


Nyl points

There's a revolutionary newcomer in town. All hail Econyl — a fabric respun from waste and surplus nylon materials, including industrial plastic, carpeting and fishing nets polluting the oceans. The result? Less crude oil, CO2 emissions and waste, plus a feel-good swim piece. Shop these Econyl cossies now



Topshop's nightwear collection with the Key To Freedom initiative is pure heart and design. Featuring silk pieces in ethnic prints, profits go towards helping vulnerable women (often domestic violence and sex-abuse victims) across West Bengal to develop garment-making skills that generate an income.


Skin saviour

If Brigitte Bardot were a modern-day Insta star, she'd be wearing a Skiim jacket. The Parisienne-London leather and suede label founded by stylist Caroline Sciamma-Massenet takes inspiration from iconic French films, while sourcing by-product hides from the organic meat industry and utilising vegetable tanning techniques.



Green isn't the only colour that describes Swiss-born Kevin Germanier. Nope, he's all the colours ofthe rainbow, and part of a new generation of designers who think of sustainability as par for the course. He graduated from Central Saint Martins last year and uses only recycled or upcycled materials for his glittery, sci-fi infused glamour. For instance, batches of wool rejected on the grounds of staining are embellished with discoloured beads destined for landfill — and all while holding down his day job as accessories designer at Louis Vuitton.


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