Recycle clothes in Sunderland

Matalan - Sunderland

Pallions Retail Park, Woodbine Terrace - SR4 6TY - DPD

Rowlands Pharm (St Lukes Terrace)

19 St Lukes Terrace, - SR4 6NQ - DPD

Rowlands Pharmacy (Pallion)

Pallion Health Centre Hylton Road, - SR4 7XF - DPD

Currys PC World (Sunderland)


Halfords (Sunderland)

Unit 3 Trimdon Street, - SR4 6DW - DPD

Harveys News

1 Elvin Terrace, - SR2 7JF - DPD

Premier Simars Convenience

13-14 Millfield Terrace, Whitburn - SR6 7HB - DPD

1 Tempest Street

Tyne and Wear - SR31EL - Royal Mail

66 The Strand

Lakeside Village, Tyne and Wear - SR33DS - Royal Mail

53-55 Villette Road

Hendon, Tyne and Wear - SR28RD - Royal Mail

10-12 Thorndale Road

Tyne and Wear - SR34JT - Royal Mail

Wilsons Convenience Store

128 Queen Alexandra Road, Tyne and Wear - SR29AB - Royal Mail

23 Stockton Terrace

Grangetown, Tyne and Wear - SR29RN - Royal Mail

18 The Village

Ryhope, Tyne and Wear - SR20NQ - Royal Mail

146 Allendale Road

Farringdon, Tyne and Wear - SR33DZ - Royal Mail

Unit 14

Pres Carter Centre, Tyne and Wear - SR32ND - Royal Mail

7 East Street

Whitburn, Tyne and Wear - SR67BY - Royal Mail

20 Hendon Road

Tyne and Wear - SR12JD - Royal Mail

48 Sea Road

Fulwell, Tyne and Wear - SR69BX - Royal Mail

45-47 Fawcett Street

Tyne and Wear - SR11RR - Royal Mail

221 Newcastle Road

Tyne and Wear - SR51NR - Royal Mail

61-63 Stoney Lane

Southwick, Tyne and Wear - SR52AU - Royal Mail

228 Chester Road

Tyne and Wear - SR47HR - Royal Mail

1 Woolwich Close

Witherwack, Tyne and Wear - SR55SE - Royal Mail

40 - 44 Midmoor Road

Pallion, Tyne and Wear - SR46NT - Royal Mail

38 Front Street

Cleadon, Tyne and Wear - SR67PG - Royal Mail

460 Hylton Road

Tyne and Wear - SR48AB - Royal Mail

35 Ethel Terrace

Castletown, Tyne and Wear - SR53BQ - Royal Mail

71-75 The Broadway

Tyne and Wear - SR48NR - Royal Mail

7-9 Gerrard Road

Grindon, Tyne and Wear - SR49QG - Royal Mail

21-23 Railway Terrace

Tyne and Wear - SR40PY - Royal Mail

35 Chiswick Square

Tyne and Wear - SR53PZ - Royal Mail

61 Blackwood Road

Tyne and Wear - SR54PT - Royal Mail

20 Rawmarsh Road

Tyne and Wear - SR55HF - Royal Mail

613 Hylton Road

Pennywell, Tyne and Wear - SR49BY - Royal Mail

3 Roker Baths Road

Roker, Tyne and Wear - SR69QE - Royal Mail


Almost all towns and cities in the UK have a drop off point. Use the reGAIN app to locate yours. Recycle clothes in Sunderland, it’s the same procedure. It doesn’t matter where you are, we are also there, at your service. Because our system works nationwide, you can pack and post wherever you are. You can do your environmental duty in Manchester and your friends can do theirs in London, for example. The drop off procedure is the same, wherever you are. As you can see, the list of drop off points leaves no corner of the land untouched. But, if you live somewhere that doesn’t appear to have a drop off point, let us know, we will be eager to correct the situation. We are convinced that we have all UK cities covered with drop off points. It requires very little effort on your part, we do all the work for you! But, for that small effort, you will be rewarded and part of your world will be able to breathe again. Recycling isn’t a fashion, it’s a necessity! Resources aren’t infinite and most things can be used over and over again. So, whether you live in Penzance or Penrith, or anywhere in between, we are there to help you to help the environment.