Recycle clothes in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Audrey Ridden Newsagents

11 Broomyhill Road, - NE15 9NS - DPD

Premier West Road Convenience Store

11 West Road, - NE4 9PT - DPD

Currys PC World (Newcastle-Upon-Tyn

U.4 KINGSTON PARK RETAIL PARK, 60-62 Northumberland Street - NE3 2ES - DPD

Halfords (Kingston Park)

Unit 3 Kingston Retail Park, Brunton Lane - NE3 2ES - DPD

Matalan - Newcastle

Unit 1 Belvedere Retail Park, Kingston Park - NE3 2PA - DPD


21A Morpeth Street, Spital Tongues - NE2 4AS - DPD

Currys PC World (Newcastle-Upon-Tyn

60-62 Northumberland Street, - NE1 7DF - DPD

Ashburton Village Store

21 Ashburton Road, - NE3 4XN - DPD

Lifestyle Express Sandhu

65 Scrogg Road, - NE6 4EY - DPD


4 Mead Crescent, - NE12 9RP - DPD

Matalan - Killingworth

The Killingworth Centre, Citadel West - NE12 6YT - DPD

Front Street

Burnopfield, Tyne and Wear - NE166LX - Royal Mail

Heddon on The Wall

Heddon Service Station, Tyne and Wear - NE150BG - Royal Mail

25 The Broadway

Darras Hall, Tyne and Wear - NE209PW - Royal Mail


- NE209AA - Royal Mail

36 Merton Way

Ponteland, Tyne and Wear - NE209PS - Royal Mail

Village Hall

Kirkwhelpington, Tyne and Wear - NE192RX - Royal Mail

Newburn Road

Throckley, Tyne and Wear - NE159AB - Royal Mail

43-45 Station Road North

Forest Hall, Tyne and Wear - NE127AR - Royal Mail

Station Road

- NE129AA - Royal Mail

Benton Road

Four Lane Ends, Tyne and Wear - NE77UH - Royal Mail

41 Park View

Wideopen, Tyne and Wear - NE136LH - Royal Mail

31 Princes Road

Brunton Park, Tyne and Wear - NE35TT - Royal Mail

St. Nicholas Hospital

Jubilee Road, - NE33UA - Royal Mail

Heaton Road

- NE61AA - Royal Mail

15 Tay Street

Chopwell, Tyne and Wear - NE177DG - Royal Mail

Syke Road

Burnopfield, Tyne and Wear - NE166JE - Royal Mail

12 The Arcade

Belsay, Tyne and Wear - NE200DY - Royal Mail

2A-2B Hailsham Avenue

Longbenton, Tyne and Wear - NE128HJ - Royal Mail

Unit 1 St Marys Green

Whickham, Tyne and Wear - NE164DN - Royal Mail

295 Denton Road

Denton Burn, Tyne and Wear - NE157HJ - Royal Mail

63 Adelaide Terrace

Benwell, Tyne and Wear - NE48BN - Royal Mail

9 Tyne View

Lemington, Tyne and Wear - NE158DE - Royal Mail

Unit 1 and 2

Clavering Centre, Tyne and Wear - NE165BY - Royal Mail

Slatyford Lane

- NE52AA - Royal Mail

19 West Road

Tyne and Wear - NE48AA - Royal Mail

219 Two Ball Lonnen

Tyne and Wear - NE49RX - Royal Mail

Unit 1

Cruddas Park Centre, Tyne and Wear - NE47RW - Royal Mail

210 - 212 Stamfordham Road

Fenham, Tyne and Wear - NE53JE - Royal Mail

Unit 15

Denton Park Centre, Tyne and Wear - NE52QZ - Royal Mail

Binswood Avenue

Blakelaw, Tyne and Wear - NE53PN - Royal Mail

12 Dewhurst Terrace

Sunniside, Tyne and Wear - NE165LP - Royal Mail

245 Westgate Road

Tyne and Wear - NE46AE - Royal Mail

1 Victoria Terrace

Hamsterley Colliery, Tyne and Wear - NE177SJ - Royal Mail

South Street

- NE11AD - Royal Mail

North View

Dinnington, Tyne and Wear - NE137LG - Royal Mail

24 Front Street

Seaton Burn, Tyne and Wear - NE136ES - Royal Mail

1 South View Coach Lane

Hazlerigg, Tyne and Wear - NE137BP - Royal Mail

11 Newbiggin Hall

Shopping Centre, Tyne and Wear - NE54BR - Royal Mail

VG Superstore

2 Windsor Way, Tyne and Wear - NE32SZ - Royal Mail

North Kenton

37-39 Halewood Avenue, Tyne and Wear - NE33RX - Royal Mail

67 Great North Road

Tyne and Wear - NE32DQ - Royal Mail

83A Salters Road

Gosforth, Tyne and Wear - NE31DU - Royal Mail

37 Arlington Avenue

Tyne and Wear - NE34TS - Royal Mail

St Georges Terrace

Jesmond, Tyne and Wear - NE22SY - Royal Mail

100 - 102 Newton Road

Tyne and Wear - NE77HN - Royal Mail

209 Welbeck Road

Tyne and Wear - NE62HX - Royal Mail

9 Church Walk Centre

Tyne and Wear - NE63DP - Royal Mail

914 Shields Road

Tyne and Wear - NE64QP - Royal Mail

38 Cartington Terrace

Heaton, Tyne and Wear - NE65AW - Royal Mail

140 Northumberland Street

Tyne and Wear - NE17DQ - Royal Mail

36 Northumberland Street

Tyne and Wear - NE17DE - Royal Mail

Front Street

Kibblesworth, Tyne and Wear - NE110XL - Royal Mail

91-97 Shields Road

Byker, Tyne and Wear - NE61DL - Royal Mail

Town Convenience Store

71 Grainger Street, - NE1 5JE - DPD

Habitat (Heaton Newcastle)

Etherstone Avenue, - NE7 7JW - DPD

99-101 West Road

99-101 West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +

8 Kenton Park Shopping Centre

8 Kenton Park Shopping Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +

37 Fawdon Park Road

37 Fawdon Park Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +

1 Acorn Road

1 Acorn Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +

20 Goldspink Lane

20 Goldspink Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +

Coach Lane Hazlerigg

Coach Lane Hazlerigg, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +

Benton Park Road

Benton Park Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +

37 Bridge Street Seaton Burn

37 Bridge Street Seaton Burn, Newcastle Upon Tyne - - Collect +


Almost all towns and cities in the UK have a drop off point. Use the reGAIN app to locate yours. Recycle clothes in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, it’s the same procedure. It doesn’t matter where you are, we are also there, at your service. Because our system works nationwide, you can pack and post wherever you are. You can do your environmental duty in Manchester and your friends can do theirs in London, for example. The drop off procedure is the same, wherever you are. As you can see, the list of drop off points leaves no corner of the land untouched. But, if you live somewhere that doesn’t appear to have a drop off point, let us know, we will be eager to correct the situation. We are convinced that we have all UK cities covered with drop off points. It requires very little effort on your part, we do all the work for you! But, for that small effort, you will be rewarded and part of your world will be able to breathe again. Recycling isn’t a fashion, it’s a necessity! Resources aren’t infinite and most things can be used over and over again. So, whether you live in Penzance or Penrith, or anywhere in between, we are there to help you to help the environment.