Recycle clothes in Maidstone

DPD: Matalan

DPD: Matalan, Unit A Broadway Shopping Centre - ME16 8PS - DPD

Royal Mail: Kingswood

Royal Mail: Kingswood, 29 Charlesford Avenue, Kingswood - ME17 3PE - DPD

Royal Mail: Grafty Green

Royal Mail: Grafty Green, Headcorn Road, Grafty Green - ME17 2AN - DPD

Royal Mail: Lenham

Royal Mail: Lenham, The Square, Lenham - ME17 2PH - DPD

Royal Mail: Maidstone

Royal Mail: Maidstone , Bircholt Road, Parkwood Industrial Estate - ME15 9EE - DPD

Royal Mail: Ashford Road

Royal Mail: Ashford Road, 126-128 Ashford Road, Bearsted - ME14 4LX - DPD

Royal Mail: Park Wood

Royal Mail: Park Wood, 100 - 102 Wallis Avenue - ME15 9FU - DPD

Royal Mail: Willington

Royal Mail: Willington, 431 Willington Street - ME15 8HD - DPD

Royal Mail: Mangravet

Royal Mail: Mangravet, 8 Mangravet Ave - ME15 9BQ - DPD

Royal Mail: Kingsley Road

Royal Mail: Kingsley Road, 118 Kingsley Road - ME15 7UL - DPD

Royal Mail: Loose

Royal Mail: Loose, Old Loose Hill, Loose - ME15 0AA - DPD

Royal Mail: Penenden Heath

Royal Mail: Penenden Heath, 321 Boxley Road - ME14 2HN - DPD

Royal Mail: High Street

Royal Mail: High Street, 30 High Street - ME14 1JF - DPD

Royal Mail: Grove Green

Royal Mail: Grove Green, Unit 6, Grove Green Centre - ME14 5TQ - DPD

Royal Mail: Maidstone

Royal Mail: Maidstone, 38-42 Week Street - ME14 1RP - DPD

Royal Mail: Sutton Valence

Royal Mail: Sutton Valence, Haven Farm Shop, North Street, Sutton Valence - ME17 3HS - DPD

Royal Mail: Boughton Monchelsea

Royal Mail: Boughton Monchelsea, 52 Church Street, Boughton Monchelsea - ME17 4HW - DPD

Royal Mail: Tovil

Royal Mail: Tovil, 4 - 6 Church Street - ME15 6RB - DPD

Royal Mail: Wateringbury

Royal Mail: Wateringbury, 192 Tonbridge Road, Wateringbury - ME18 5NL - DPD

Royal Mail: Barming

Royal Mail: Barming, 16 Bull Orchard - ME16 9EU - DPD

Royal Mail: Yalding

Royal Mail: Yalding, Yalding Post Office, Yalding - ME18 6HS - DPD

Royal Mail: Coxheath

Royal Mail: Coxheath, 2 Hamilton House, Heath Road, Coxheath - ME17 4DF - DPD

Royal Mail: Allington

Royal Mail: Allington, 7 Mid Kent Shopping Centre, Castle Road, Castle Road - ME16 0PU - DPD

Royal Mail: Ringlestone

Royal Mail: Ringlestone, 81 Chatham Road - ME14 2LY - DPD

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS, 57-58 Honywood Road Lenham - ME17 2HH - DPD

CollectPlus: Everyday

CollectPlus: Everyday, 11-12 Senacre Square - ME15 8QF - DPD

CollectPlus: Londis Mangravet

CollectPlus: Londis Mangravet, 6 Mangravet Avenue - ME15 9BQ - DPD

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS, 31 Egremont Road Bearsted - ME15 8LH - DPD

CollectPlus: Premier

CollectPlus: Premier, 63 Courtenay Road - ME15 6UW - DPD

CollectPlus: Bowers Stores

CollectPlus: Bowers Stores, 1 Bower Place - ME16 8BG - DPD

CollectPlus: The Mall Maidstone

CollectPlus: The Mall Maidstone, Dukes Walk Ask Me Point - ME15 6AT - DPD


CollectPlus: TESCO ESSO EXPRESS, 300 Tonbridge Road - ME16 8TE - DPD

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS, 95 High Street - ME14 1SA - DPD

CollectPlus: The Corner Shop

CollectPlus: The Corner Shop, The Corner Shop Lesley Place Buckland Hill - ME16 0UD - DPD

CollectPlus: Boxley Road Mini Market

CollectPlus: Boxley Road Mini Market, 80 Boxley Road - ME14 2TW - DPD

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS

CollectPlus: MCCOLLS, 327 Boxley Road Penenden Heath - ME14 2HN - DPD

DPD: Union Food & Wine

DPD: Union Food & Wine, 67 Union Street - ME14 1ED - DPD

CollectPlus: Wine with Spirit

CollectPlus: Wine with Spirit, 4 Elmfield Court Heath Road Coxheath - ME17 4PR - DPD