Recycle clothes in Lincoln

Sainsbury's - Lincoln

Tritton Road, - LN6 7QN - DPD

Matalan - Lincoln

Lindis Retail Park, Tritton Road - LN6 7QY - DPD

Lynda’s Shop

1 Morton Drive, - LN6 0DL - DPD

MSR Newsgroup Ltd

159-160 High Street, - LN5 7AF - DPD

Currys PC World (Lincoln Tritton)


Halfords (Lincoln Tritton)

Tritton Road, - LN6 7AN - DPD

Halfords (Lincoln Wragby)

Wragby Road, Outer Circle Retail Park - LN2 4UX - DPD

10 Main Road

Leadenham, Lincolnshire - LN50PY - Royal Mail


26 High Street, Lincolnshire - LN59EY - Royal Mail

Co-op Store

Church Street, Lincolnshire - LN44HN - Royal Mail

88 High Street

Martin, Lincolnshire - LN43QT - Royal Mail

Market Place

Tattershall, Lincolnshire - LN44LJ - Royal Mail

Wellingore Garage

Cliff Road, Lincolnshire - LN50HY - Royal Mail

38 High Street

Coningsby, Lincolnshire - LN44RA - Royal Mail

Main Street

Nocton, Lincolnshire - LN42BH - Royal Mail

6 High Street

Newton On Trent, Lincolnshire - LN12JS - Royal Mail

96 Burton Road

Lincolnshire - LN13LJ - Royal Mail

12 Trelawney Crescent

Ermine West, Lincolnshire - LN13PB - Royal Mail

Lincoln Co-operative Society

City Square Centre, Lincolnshire - LN57EJ - Royal Mail

3 Lambeth House

Ermine, Lincolnshire - LN22AD - Royal Mail

Firth Road

- LN57NU - Royal Mail

Lincoln Co-op

189 Monks Road, Lincolnshire - LN25JP - Royal Mail

Nettleham Fields

Wolsey Way, Lincolnshire - LN24SX - Royal Mail

The Parklands

Boultham Park Road, Lincolnshire - LN67ST - Royal Mail

241 Skellingthorpe Road

Swanpool, Lincolnshire - LN60ET - Royal Mail

66B Woodfield Avenue

Birchwood, Lincolnshire - LN60LW - Royal Mail

Unit 3 and 4

Jasmin Road, Lincolnshire - LN60QQ - Royal Mail

c/o Lincoln Co-op

2 Jerusalem Road, Lincolnshire - LN65UL - Royal Mail

Grantham Road

Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire - LN42LD - Royal Mail

8 The Forum

North Hykeham, Lincolnshire - LN68HW - Royal Mail

4 Croft Lane

Cherry Willingham, Lincolnshire - LN34JE - Royal Mail

2 Clarence Road

Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire - LN106TZ - Royal Mail

2 Silver Street

Bardney, Lincolnshire - LN35SS - Royal Mail

Torrington Road

Hainton, Lincolnshire - LN86LR - Royal Mail

25 Market Place

Casitor, - LN76TU - Royal Mail

25 Market Place

Caistor, Lincolnshire - LN76TU - Royal Mail

Unit 4

The Carlton Centre, Lincolnshire - LN24WA - Royal Mail

90 Bailgate

Lincolnshire - LN13AE - Royal Mail

Unit 2 - High Farm Shopping Precinct

Park Lane, Lincolnshire - LN41DQ - Royal Mail

110 Main Road

East Barkwith, Lincolnshire - LN85RW - Royal Mail

5 Beck Street

Welbourne, Lincolnshire - LN50LZ - Royal Mail

42 Hykeham Road

Lincolnshire - LN68AB - Royal Mail

The Green

Nettleham, Lincolnshire - LN22NR - Royal Mail

The Heritage Room

Chapel Lane, Lincolnshire - LN69EX - Royal Mail

43 High Street

Eagle, Lincolnshire - LN69DG - Royal Mail

c/o Lincoln Co-op Store

Hykeham Green Shopping Centre, Lincolnshire - LN68NH - Royal Mail

107 High Street

Saxilby, Lincolnshire - LN12HG - Royal Mail

Co-op Store

Bar Lane, Lincolnshire - LN59SA - Royal Mail

Station Road

Reepham, Lincolnshire - LN34DN - Royal Mail

1 Ryland Road

Welton, Lincolnshire - LN23LU - Royal Mail

1 Linden Avenue

Branston, Lincolnshire - LN41NZ - Royal Mail

30 High Street

Heighington, Lincolnshire - LN41JS - Royal Mail


Almost all towns and cities in the UK have a drop off point. Use the reGAIN app to locate yours. Recycle clothes in Lincoln, it’s the same procedure. It doesn’t matter where you are, we are also there, at your service. Because our system works nationwide, you can pack and post wherever you are. You can do your environmental duty in Manchester and your friends can do theirs in London, for example. The drop off procedure is the same, wherever you are. As you can see, the list of drop off points leaves no corner of the land untouched. But, if you live somewhere that doesn’t appear to have a drop off point, let us know, we will be eager to correct the situation. We are convinced that we have all UK cities covered with drop off points. It requires very little effort on your part, we do all the work for you! But, for that small effort, you will be rewarded and part of your world will be able to breathe again. Recycling isn’t a fashion, it’s a necessity! Resources aren’t infinite and most things can be used over and over again. So, whether you live in Penzance or Penrith, or anywhere in between, we are there to help you to help the environment.