Recycle clothes in Barnsley

Currys PC World (Barnsley)

UNIT 8 THE PEEL CENTRE, Harborough Hill Road - S71 1JE - DPD

Halfords (Barnsley)

Dryden Road, Harborough Hill Road - S71 1JE - DPD

Premier Pogmoor Convenience

1 West Moor Crescent, - S75 2JU - DPD

The Newsagents

47 - 49 High Street, South Yorkshire - S729AH - Royal Mail

8 Church Street

Brierley, South Yorkshire - S729JR - Royal Mail

2 Garden Street

Darfield, South Yorkshire - S739AA - Royal Mail

63 Knollbeck Lane

Brampton, South Yorkshire - S730TW - Royal Mail

6A Rotherham Road

Great Houghton, Yorkshire - S720DB - Royal Mail

Rear of 34 High Street

- S738AA - Royal Mail

60-62 High Street

Wombwell, South Yorkshire - S738DA - Royal Mail

18 Wentworth Road

Jump, South Yorkshire - S740JY - Royal Mail

32 High Street

Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire - S727LP - Royal Mail

The Cross

Silkstone, South Yorkshire - S754LX - Royal Mail

Barugh Green Supermarket

26 Barugh Green Road, South Yorkshire - S751JT - Royal Mail

59 Church Street

Darton, South Yorkshire - S755HQ - Royal Mail

138 Redbrook Road

Gawber, South Yorkshire - S752RB - Royal Mail

66 Pogmoor Road

South Yorkshire - S752EF - Royal Mail

Pitt Street

- S701AA - Royal Mail

12 Worsborough View

Tankersley, South Yorkshire - S753AH - Royal Mail

107 Sheffield Road

Birdwell, Yorkshire - S705XF - Royal Mail

16 Market Square

Hoyland Road, South Yorkshire - S740NE - Royal Mail

301 Wakefield Road

South Yorkshire - S713LR - Royal Mail

18 Judy Row

Monk Bretton, South Yorkshire - S712EJ - Royal Mail

288 Sackup Lane

Staincross, South Yorkshire - S755BA - Royal Mail

343-345 Pontefract Road

Lund Wood, South Yorkshire - S715HS - Royal Mail

81 Huddersfield Road

South Yorkshire - S751AA - Royal Mail

498 Doncaster Road

Stairfoot, South Yorkshire - S703PH - Royal Mail

92 Birk Avenue

Kendray, South Yorkshire - S703AJ - Royal Mail

62-64 Park Road

Worsbrough, South Yorkshire - S705AB - Royal Mail

Blacker Hill Lifelong Learning Centre

Wentworth Road, South Yorkshire - S740RL - Royal Mail

16 - 18 Market Street

Hoyland, South Yorkshire - S749QR - Royal Mail

1 Church Street

Cawthorne, South Yorkshire - S754HL - Royal Mail

2a High Street

Royston, South Yorkshire - S714RA - Royal Mail

16 Ballfield Lane

Kexbrough, South Yorkshire - S755EF - Royal Mail

Haddon Road

Athersley, South Yorkshire - S713SZ - Royal Mail

2a Yews Avenue

Worsbrorough, South Yorkshire - S704BW - Royal Mail

42 - 44 Agnes Road

South Yorkshire - S701NH - Royal Mail

Apollo Court

45 High Street, South Yorkshire - S753RG - Royal Mail

4 Pitt Street

South Yorkshire - S701AA - Royal Mail

246 Barnsley Road

Cudworth, South Yorkshire - S728SS - Royal Mail

InPost Locker- JET Petrol Station

Sheffield Road, Barnsley - S74 0PY - Inpost

InPost Locker- JET Petrol Station

Burton Road, Barnsley - S71 2PA - Inpost

InPost Locker- JET Petrol Station

Pogmoor Road, Barnsley - S75 2DZ - Inpost


Almost all towns and cities in the UK have a drop off point. Use the reGAIN app to locate yours. Recycle clothes in , it’s the same procedure. It doesn’t matter where you are, we are also there, at your service. Because our system works nationwide, you can pack and post wherever you are. You can do your environmental duty in Manchester and your friends can do theirs in London, for example. The drop off procedure is the same, wherever you are. As you can see, the list of drop off points leaves no corner of the land untouched. But, if you live somewhere that doesn’t appear to have a drop off point, let us know, we will be eager to correct the situation. We are convinced that we have all UK cities covered with drop off points. It requires very little effort on your part, we do all the work for you! But, for that small effort, you will be rewarded and part of your world will be able to breathe again. Recycling isn’t a fashion, it’s a necessity! Resources aren’t infinite and most things can be used over and over again. So, whether you live in Penzance or Penrith, or anywhere in between, we are there to help you to help the environment.