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Partnership Reuse
Out Goes the Linear Take
Make Wear In Comes Reuse
Recycle and Remake

The First Digital Multi Brand Take Back Programme

Easy & Convenient
Easy & Convenient

Applying user-friendly technologies
and logistical solutions


Providing discounts for fashion,
travel, food, lifestyle products

Educate & Engage
Educate & Engage

Educating people about positive
impact of recycling and sustainability

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Social and Environmental impact

We provide a solution to one of the largest and most urgent environmental problems the fast industry is creating vast amount of post-consumer textiles becoming waste

Circular Economy

reGAIN app is a new link which enables
circular economy models to be effective

Sustainable Fashion

reGAIN app unites world's leading retailers
around the idea of sustainable production

At reGAIN App You Get
Everything You Need to Grow
Your Business to Its Potential

Partnership Business Potential
Partnership Business Potential

At reGAIN App You Get
Everything You Need to Grow
Your Business to Its Potential

Retailer Benefits

Save Money
Save Money

No costs for implementation of new technologies.
No need to create own take back programme.
No additional reverse logistics expenditure.

Positive PR
Positive PR

Help us promote the more sustainable approach
to production and consumption mechanism.
Divert unwanted goods from landfill.

Marketing Platform
Marketing Platform

Let your customers know you are now a part of the
great recycling family. Inform our customers of
your offers via our Marketing Platform.

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How to join the reGAIN app

There are two simple requirements in return for countless benefits

Competitive Discount Coupon
Competitive Discount

Your discount coupons should be exclusive
and competitive as they reward sustainable
behaviour: we will not accept discounts at
the same level as newsletter sign-ups
or those for the first purchase.

Marketing Communication

Let your customers know that you are now
a proud member of reGAIN app community
with a link to our website. One newsletter
and social media post for each social
media channel is required.

Partnership Circular Economy

Let the Experts Help Your Company
Move From Linear To Circular Economy

Joining reGAIN app Is Absolutely Free
Join Now!

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