We are realists – not idealists.

Can we stop you from buying clothes? Of course not!
We are not naive.

But can we motivate you to change your textile recycling habits and together divert hundreds of tons of clothing from UK landfill?
Hell Yeah!

We don’t claim we are going to save the planet.
But we are going to make it bit better. A bit tidier and bit more sustainable.
We promise.


We can’t change your habits. But, YOU can. Everything we do is a choice. What we eat, where we work, what we watch on TV, these are some of the thousands of choices we make on a daily basis whilst living our lives, mostly without realising that we are constantly making decisions. Whether or not you recycle clothes is also a choice. When the law tells you that you have to recycle paper, glass and plastic, you do it automatically without thinking. If you put the wrong stuff in the wrong bin, the trash-man could well refuse to take it and you’ll be left with a full container for another week. You do it because you HAVE to, it’s the law. But what about all the other stuff that isn’t compulsory? What do you do with that? The easiest thing is to throw it away, out of sight, out of mind. Not my problem anymore. Well, you got used to recycling when the government told you to do it, so why can’t you start with other good habits voluntarily? Some people and charities do this, and people do take their clothes to be sold as second-hand goods. We make the process easier, faster and more efficient. We promise that none of your stuff will end up in landfills. We RECYCLE clothes.